Support in homeschooling


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LINKS to support you in your homeschooling journey here in Michigan

Michigan’s State Homeschool website-this link has more information about the annual state homeschool conference.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association-this link has great information about the laws of homeschooling and much more helps.

Michigan State Law-this link will tell you about the laws in Michigan for home educating.

Exemption F-This is the exemption f information that is attached to the compulsary law of which most homeschoolers in Michigan will homeschool under.

MDE Information about Homeschooling-This is a pdf that explains homeschooling in Michigan as put out by the Michigan Department of Education.  Please make note, you do not have to “register” with the state, be a certified teacher or show what curriculum you are using as long as you are not utilizing the public school for classes or special services, such as a public school partnership or special needs services.  If you are participating with them your school is considered a non-public school and falls under those rulings.

FAQ for the New Homeschooler

Q: Is homeschooling legal?  Do I have to have a college degree to homeschool?
A: In Michigan, you are not required to have a college degree to educate your children at home, unless you decide to register with the state then you would be required to have a teacher certificate.

Q: I am not patient/educated enough to homeschool my child.  HOW do you do it?
A: Regarding higher-education or subjects you are not “good” at, there are lots of opportunities (such as Homeschool Co-op or tutoring) to have other people assist you with teaching these subjects.  Regarding the patience required to homeschool: have you ever heard that expression: “God does not call the equipped, He equips the called?”  Many a homeschooling parent will tell you this is the testimony of their particular homeschool experience.

Q: How can you afford having one parent stay home and educate the children?
A: If you are currently a two-income household and think homeschooling might be in your future, it is wise to begin living on one income as soon as possible and banking the other income in preparation for the “big switch”.  Of course, you could start homeschooling right away; not every homeschool family is able/willing to have one parent stay at home.  In fact, there are single moms who homeschool and employ sitters to be with their children during working hours.   Be assured that if God is calling you to homeschool, HE will make a way for it to happen.

Q: What about socialization?
A: The answer to this question is a question: “What kind of socialization are you seeking for your child?”  Traditional school ONLY guarantees that your child will be in a classroom full of children EXACTLY his/her own age for five days of the week.   Alternately, a homeschooled child will often interact with people of varying ages and abilities throughout the school week as (s)he accompanies you to the bank and on your other errands.  I ask you, which type of social interaction better equips the child to interact in the “real world”?  (Here is a hint: how many people in your current working/social circle are EXACTLY your age?)